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The Old Watford Chess Club Site (no longer maintained)

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History of Our Club

This year, Watford Chess Club are running 5 teams in the Hertfordshire  League.
The Chess Club has been around for some time. We have minutes for the AGM going back to the beginning of the 20th century.
I shall use them to construct the history of the club when I get the time 

Club Rules

1. The Club Shall be called WATFORD CHESS CLUB and its' objective, functioning as an affiliated member of the Hertfordshire Chess Association shall be to organise and foster the game in the area.
2. The supreme authority of the Club shall be invested in the General Meeting of ts members which alone shall have the power to make and amend rules. The business of the club shall be managed by its Executive Committee in accordance with the rules and the decisions of the general Meeting.
3. The annual subscription, and the visitors fees shall be that determined at the Annual General Meeting, and charged at the discretion of the Committee.
4. The Annual General Meeting shall take place in September of each year, and the Executive Committee shall meet at their discretion.
5. The officers of the club shall be elected at the Annual general Meeting and shall consist of President, Secretary, treasurer, the Team Captains, and a Tournament Secretary. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Secretary, treasurer, the Team Captains,  Tournament Secretary, and at least three ordinary members, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill casual vacancies, combine ofices temporarily, delegate duties to sub-committeees, and to co-opt members for special purposes. A quorum shall consist of a minimum of four Committee members. Two officers of the club shall attend the executive and the Annual General Meeting of the Hertfordshire Chess Association.
6. Applications for membership shall be nominated and seconded and the Committee shall be at liberty to refuse any such application without giving any reasons therefore.
7. The treasurer shall present a balance sheet at the Annual general Meeting. This shall be audited by an Honory Auditor, who shall be appointed by the Club at a Previous General Meeting.
8. Chess Clocks that are the property of the Club shall not be misused.
9. The Laws of Chess as published by the British Chess federation shall govern all play at the Club.
Rules last revised at AGM 13th Sept 1984 

Our Club Officers

President Barry Morris

Secretary Roger Kearns

Treasurer David Healey

Tournament Secretary Mike Boyce

Match Captains

1 (Div 1) Mike Boyce

2 (Div 2) Barry Morris

3 (Div 3) TBA

4 (Div 5) TBA

5 (Div 5) TBA

Russell Trophy Mike Boyce

Sharp Trophy TBA

U-140 KO Philip Abbott

Herts & District League  Roger Kearns

HCA Reps Roger Lancaster / TBA

Member Without Portfolio: Jerry Rudge

Auditor Philip Abbott 

Curator of Equipment: David Healey

Publicity Chris Byrne

Webmaster: Jeremy Taffel

Juniors: Chris  Byrne