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Venkataramanan Tiruchirapalli is this season’s Club Champion and Price Cup winner, finishing a full point ahead of Barry Morris and Andrew Stone. Venkat and Andrew remained unbeaten.


Just 15 players, the lowest for several years, completed the seven rounds, three having withdrawn during the season.




CHAMPION:       Venkat T.                                6 pts out of 7


  2nd =              B.Morris, A.Stone                               5


  4th =               A.Hall, M.Carnochan                          4


  6th                  M.Boyce                                             4


  7th =               O.Nelson, W.Broome,                                    3

                                    S.Charles, J.Taffel


11th                  N.Blinko                                              3


12th =               C.Russell, R.Kearns                           2


14th                  J.Rudge                                              2


15th                  D.Healey                                             1




Results of Round 7: Venkat 1-0 Hall; Boyce 0-1 B.Morris; Charles 0-1 Stone; Carnochan 1-0 Nelson; Broome - Taffel; Russell 0def0 Rudge; Blinko 1-0 Healey; R.Kearns bye.


Results of Round 6: Nelson 0-1 Venkat 1; B.Morris 0-1 Hall; Stone - Boyce; Carnochan - Taffel; Charles 1-0 Russell; Rudge 0-1 Broome; Blinko - R.Kearns; Healey bye.


Results of Round 5: Venkat - B.Morris; Nelson - Stone; Russell 0-1 Boyce; Hall 1-0 Rudge; Carnochan 1-0 Broome; Taffel 1-0 Blinko; Healey 0-1 Charles; R.Kearns 0-1 Y.Baruch.


Results of Round 4: Stone - Venkat; Rudge 0-1 B.Morris; Boyce - Hall; Broome 0-1 Nelson; Blinko - Russell;

R.Kearns 0-1 Carnochan; Charles - Taffel; Y.Baruch 1-0 Healey.


Results of Round 3: Venkat 1-0 Rudge; Hall 0-1 Stone; B.Morris 1def0 Robertson; Taffel 0-1 Boyce; Nelson 1-0 Charles; Russell 1-0 Carnochan; Broome 1def0 Concagh; Y.Baruch 0-1 Blinko; Healey 0-1 R.Kearns.


Results of Round 2: Boyce 0-1 Venkat; Stone - B.Morris; Carnochan 0-1 Rudge; Robertson 0def0 Nelson;

Concagh 0-1 Hall; R.Kearns 0-1 Taffel; Charles 1-0 Y.Baruch; Blinko 0-1 Broome; Russell 1-0 Healey.


Results of Round 1: Venkat 1-0 Concagh; Taffel 0-1 Stone; Rudge 1-0 Charles; Broome 0-1 Robertson; B.Morris 1-0 Russell; Y.Baruch 0-1 Boyce; Nelson 1-0 R.Kearns; Healey 0-1 Carnochan; Hall 1-0 Blinko.




Mike Boyce  19.8.10

Previous Rounds



This is a 7 round Swiss tournament played over the next 8 to 9 months - a draw will be made at the end of each round to pair players of the same score-to-date and to give them alternate colours as close as is possible. Players should expect to end the 7 rounds having played one colour not more than once more than the other colour. Each round will usually close on a Saturday, so that I can notify the draw for the next round the following day. Phone me for your pairing during the Sunday if you wish; I will routinely email out the draw where I have addresses, and will also post it on the club notice board as soon as I can.

EACH player in a pairing has equal responsibility for contacting his opponent to arrange a time and place to play. Please do this as soon as you can. Because of conflicting league commitments it may be impossible to play on a club night, in which players should arrange to play outside the club.

Please telephone me or email me with your result no later than the closing date. Any games not complete and notified to me by this date will normally score zero for both players. If you have any problems or questions please call me.

As usual, two defaults will mean disqualification.

The rate of play is 35 moves in 75 mins, and 28 an hour thereafter, unless both players agree otherwise. Quickplay finishes are acceptable if both agree. All results will be submitted for grading, whether contrived or not.

In the event of a tie at the end of the competition, the winner will be the player with highest sum of progressive scores. If SoPS are tied the title will be shared. There will be no playoff.