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Minutes of the Watford Chess Club Annual General Meeting Held on 2nd September 2008 at Watford Town and Country Club at 8pm


Jeremy Taffel, Secretary

Barry Morris, President

David Healey, Treasurer

Mike Boyce, 1st and 2nd Team Captain, and Tournament Secretary

Antony Hall , 3rd Team Captain,

Peter Edwards, 5th Team Captain

Jerry Rudge, Roger Lancaster, Venkat , Ian Whyte, , Iman Khandaker, Mace Carnochan


1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of previous AGM

3. Officers’ Reports

4 HCA Business

5. Election of Officers

6. Presentation of trophies

7. Any Other Business

1. Apologies for Absence

These had been received from: Alan Riley and,Simon Morris

2. Minutes of Previous AGM

These were read and agreed with the correction that the Herts Fees are 8, not 4.

3. Officers’ Reports

3.1 Secretary’s Report - Jeremy Taffel

Membership was down a little and that it had been difficult to field 6 teams with the minimum of nominated payers available. The 5th team in particular defaulted some games in order to protect the 6th team. Informal discussion with Steve Law in the close season on the subject had revealed that he was sympathetic and would turn a blind eye to ineligibility in the lower divisions in order to avoid defaults.

At the beginning of the season we were short of match captains for the 4th and 5th teams, and I started off captaining the 4th team, but fortunately when work pressures got in the way, Alan Riley stepped in. Peter Edwards took on the 5th team responsibilities again, and thanks are due to those two.

Despite the difficulties, it was a relatively successful season with the 2nd team staying in the first division, the 3rd and 6th teams getting promoted, but with the 5th team being relegated. Post meeting note – the 4th team finished 2nd but due to another team dropping out of the league, they have also been promoted – so we now have 4 teams in the top 3 divisions, which must be some sort of record.

At the previous AGM there had been a crisis due to insufficient clocks, and an action had been placed empowering the committee to purchase some new digital clocks. However, before the season had started, I’d mended sufficient and the purchase was not urgent. However, Barry Morris has purchased 10 new clocks

In July was contacted by a Janet Davis whose husband George had passed away and left us some books in his will. Unfortunately I could not get there immediately, and have since mislaid contact details. I will make every attempt to find a way of contacting her.                                                              Action Jeremy Taffel

3.2 Treasurer’s Report – David Healey

It was reported that the club has 19 full members, down from 24 with half or part subs received for another 12. Income included 7 in subs which had been outstanding from the previous year. Since the accounts were prepared have spent 199-50 on 10 clocks as reported earlier

Barry explained that it was difficult for David to chase up the subs, and this season we would post a list of members and their status including nomin ated team and membership status

The cheque for the Herts Fees had not been banked for 2nd year , making the balance look even healthier than it is. Once that, and the one- off payment for the clocks were taken into consideration, the club’s income was slightly down and outgoings very similar than last year, and as a result had ended the year with slightly less in the way of reserves, but not alarmingly so. It was therefore recommended to keep the subscriptions unchanged at 50 +8 Herts Fees.

The proposal to keep the subscriptions unchanged was accepted unanimously.

In response to a query from Jerry it was explained that anyone not in full-time employment, e.g. students, unemployed and those who have retired is entitled to pay a half sub. It was noted that several members pay a full subscription although they are entitled to the pay at the reduced rate.

3.3 Equipment Officer’s Report – David Healey

We now have plenty of clocks and sets. It was reported that we have sufficient score sheets, but only 19 sealed move envelopes 19. David Healey took an action to buy another 50 for the season.

Action David Healey

We need batteries for the new clocks, and Barry agreed to provide them.

Action Barry Morris

Barry also raised the issue of tables which had been discussed at the recent committee meeting. It had been agreed that we need more/better tables. Currently all that is available are 6 small tables and 1 trestle. We need sufficient to accommodate 3 matches. (2 good trestle tables seem to have disappeared) . Barry has spoken to Peter Munday of the Town and Country Club. He seems broadly supportive but he personally cannot commit to expenditure. However, he has agreed to put the matter to the Town & Country Club committee meeting on 16th September; with the proposal that they buy some new tables Ian white suggested we should put the request to their committee in writing and . Barry agreed to do so

Action Barry Morris

Barry has spotted some suitable, 6 ft tables at Costco at a reasonable price (36 each). Each accommodates 2 games.

It was proposed that if the Town and Country club committee declined to assist, that we should consider buying tables ourselves. It was proposed by Roger that the Committee be empowered to spend up to 300 on tables. The proposal was Seconded Venkat, and carried Nem – Con.

3.4 Tournament Secretary’s Report – Mike Boyce

a) 10-minute Tournament 4 Sept 2007 - Reported at the 2007 AGM.

b) Price Cup (aka Club Championship, a 7-round Swiss)

Once again we doff our caps to Andrew Stone, who has retained the Price Cup that he first won last year. The result was in doubt to the end however, with Mace Carnochan electing to accept a draw offer rather than play on for a win which would have won the trophy for himself, some 34 years after he last won it. Both Andrew and Mace were undefeated.

Champion: 5/7 A.Stone

Joint runners-up: 5/7 M.Carnochan, A.Hall, J.Rudge

20 players entered, and 20 finished, a record perhaps?

c) Dobson Shield and Silver Knight

The qualifying requirement is that at least 8 games are be played by the end of July to qualify as a contender. These 8 games include any Price Cup games played.

Dobson Shield winner: David Healey

Silver Knight: no winner

Just two games were played in addition to the Price Cup, a 100% increase on last year. David Healey deserves credit for taking the initiative to get his games in and becoming the only player to qualify.

It was agreed to have a committee meeting to come up with suggestions for new format.

The meeting thanked Mike for his work in running the tournaments


3.5 Team Captain’s Reports

3.5.1. 1st Team captain’s Report – Mike Boyce

After an early loss to Royston and draw with Hertford, we were never realistically in the hunt for the division 1 title this year, but nor were we in relegation difficulty as Watford-2 were in the top division also. We finished third, but it would have been second had we not lost to Watford-2. Our top three boards of Venkat, Andrew Stone and Ed Holland all had big plus scores with ratings for the club of 200+, but Jerry Rudge, Ray Sayers and our reserves "didn’t" and teams need to be strong throughout to prosper in the top league.

3.5.2 2nd Team captain’s Report - Mike Boyce

Newly promoted to the top division, the season was all about the battle to avoid going straight down again. Welwyn (particularly) and Barnet looked to be the teams we had to do well against, and so when we lost to them both by the start of November the omens did not look good. It was 0 out of 12 at the half way stage, and a quick turnaround was essential. Beating then title-chasing Watford-1 was handy of course; I had to persuade other clubs flirting with the drop that we won legitimately. We managed to lose again to Welwyn, but draws against two other top four teams saved us. We finished sixth. Roger Lancaster and Barry Morris normally on boards 4 and 5 had good positive records, and along with a strong showing from Hamza Syed on top board, managed to compensate for the abject failings of Iman Khandaker and Mike Boyce on boards 2 and 3. It will be tougher to survive in 2008-9.

the highest game point score overall. On top board, Venkat achieved a noteworthy 8/10 score.

3.5.3 3rd Team captain’s Report - Antony Hall

Division 3 was very tight, just like Div 2 last season. Favourites on paper to go up were Letchworth, while there was not much to separate us from any of the other sides.

While ultimately a successful season, it took a long time for us to get into gear; we started off with a draw at Hoddesdon; a match we should have won easily. This was followed by a combination of tight wins and two bad defeats (at home to Barnet, away at Letchworth). It all turned when we crushed Welwyn 5 - 0 away, this was followed by six wins in succession. We were pushed all the way by Letchworth, until their challenge faltered and we went into our final match at Lower Red Lion knowing that even a defeat could see us promoted; fortunately we won anyway.

Overall, we won 9 matches, drew 1 and lost 2 scoring 19 Match Points, and with a Game Points record of +18 (39/21), comfortably ahead of the rest of the division.

Individual scores:

Jeremy 2.5/8,

Alistair 4.5/10,

Antony 7.5/11,

Mace 11/12,

Bill 4.5/7

Supported by the following W4/ W5 players:

Simon Charles 2.5/3,

Paul Littlefair 1.5/2,

Alan Riley 2.5/4,

Brian Concagh 2.5/3

I'd like thank to all the nominated W3 players, as well as the 4th & 5th team players and their captains, Alan and Peter, for letting me borrow them. We were again careful to rotate players and only Brian Concagh ended up transferring. Finally thanks to the W1/ W2 teams who followed our progress with interest!

3.5.4 4th Team captain’s Report - Alan Riley

The core team consisted of, in board order:-

Simon Charles 7/11

Alan Riley 6/12

Avinoam Baruch 5.5/9

Chris Russell 5/12

Simon Morris 7/10

With Paul Littlefair 3/5 playing on second board and home games only.

We were assisted by members of the fifth team with Brian achieving excellent results and eventually finishing the season playing for the fourth team.

Brian Concagh 5/6

Chris Byrne 2/2

Peter Edwards 0.5/2

Yehuda Baruch 1/1

The division championship had been a contest between four teams with Watford 4 finishing 2nd:-

Bishop Stortford 2 21 points

Watford 4 18

Letchworth 2 17

Hemel Hempstead 3 17

We did start the season off well with a home win against Bishop Stortford but we lost the return away game. In some respects this was reflected in my poor form towards the end of the season.

Our boggy team proved to be Letchworth 2, I had to rearrange the first game with them and we ended up playing them on consecutive weeks and loosing both games, which probably lost us the division.

Many thanks to everyone who played and made it so easy to organise.

I wish you all success in the coming season, this will be the first time I have not played for Watford in over 30 years but I might be back refreshed and raring to go.

If anyone wishes to stay in touch my email is and I also have a blog for our trip around the canal system at HTTP://

3.5.5 5th Team captain’s Report - Peter Edwards

The 5th team starting off short of players, and strength were weaker than they had been the previous season. During the course of the season they lost both Simon Morris and Brian Concagh, renominated to higher teams. Only two games were won, 5 were lost 2-3 and as a consequence the team was relegated.

3.5.6 6th Team captain’s Report - David Healey

The team were promoted. The playing record was Played 14 won 11 drew 1 lost 2.

Roger 9/13, Ian 8/11, David 7/11, Philip 6.5/13 nNick 5.5. One match was won by default but we took the result as 4-1 as we could only raise 4 players ourselves.

3.5.7 Russell Trophy – Mike Boyce

Beating league champions elect Royston on board count in round 2, then easing past Letchworth in the semifinal of this open knockout competition, we faced our usual opponents, Hertford, in the final. And as in the last two seasons, we went down, this time 2-3. So yet, again runners-up

3.5.8 Sharp Trophy – Antony Hall

We beat Lower Red Lion in the first round but then lost 3-3 on board count against a very strong St Albans team

3.5.9 Under 125

No report. (Watford beat Hoddesdon 3.5 -1.5 in the first round…)

3.5.10 Under 100 - Peter Edwards, Jeremy Taffel

Jeremy had been trying to arrange the first round match against Barnet while away on business, not realising that Peter had also got involved. It seems that Peter had been told by the Barnet captain that he was the captain – on about the date the match was supposed to be played. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Jeremy offered to default the match while Peter thought an alternative date had been set. Barnet denied that they had agreed the alternative date, and eventually took the default.

3.6 Juniors

There was no report. Antony stated that his personal circumstances ruled him out from running any activities for the juniors.

Jeremy stated that as far as he knew, Chris Byrne had said that he was no longer available to help the juniors. He had told several parents who had contacted him that this was the case, and had been surprised to come to the club to find Chris with a couple of juniors. Roger said that he would be able to help out from time to time, but not on a regular basis. It was agreed that unless we had someone prepared to ensure

4. HCA Matters

Several of our members participated in the Herts senior county team who won the SCCU championship for the first time this year. Several others played for the under 150 team who, for the 2nd year in succession got to the final, losing this time to Yorkshire.

5. Election of Officers

President - Barry Morris

Secretary - Jeremy Taffel

Treasurer - David Healey

Tournament Secretary – Mike Boyce

Publicity Officer  - Antony Hall

HCA Rep - Jeremy Taffel

All re-elected unopposed

Juniors – Open (Chris Byrne will be approached to discover his availability)

Match Captains

1st, 2nd teams – Mike and Barry will sort out responsibilities between them.

3rd team – Antony Hall

4th Team - Open (Chris Russell will be approached to discover his availability).

5th Team - Peter Edwards

6th Team - David Healey

Russell Trophy – Mike Boyce

Sharp Trophy – Antony Hall

U-125 – Open (Phillip Abbott will be approached to discover his availability).

U-100 – David Healey

6 Presentation of Trophies

David Healey was presented with the Dobson Shield.

7. Any Other Business

A Committee Meeting has been set for 23rd September when the position regarding tables should be clearer

The programme for September was confirmed as:

9th September Simultaneous Andrew Stone v Watford

16th 10minute Tournament

22nd Cheshire St Albans

23rd club night/committee meeting

There being no further business, the meeting was declared closed at 21-45.