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Watford3 V Royston 2

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Sent by :    Antony C Hall (Watford)
Date :       Monday 07 Oct 2008
League :     Division 2
Results from 5 board(s)
Watford black on odd boards

          Watford 3                             Royston 2
Board 1 : Robertson, Martin               1/2   Tovey, Steve     164
Board 2 : Hall, Antony              147   A-A   Pinner, Martin   156
Board 3 : Taffel, Jeremy            145   A-A   Pride, Stephen   144
Board 4 : Concagh, Brian            142   P-P   Lubbick, Dave   
Board 5 : Charles, Simon            130   1-0   Woodhouse, Keith 124
  Match Score :                        1.5 - 0.5

******************** End of report    ********************
This report was delayed as the automatic generated results emails aren't working, so I had to cobble this one together.
I lost the toss but this was mitigated by the fact that Royston's nominated Bd3 (Schoenberger) wasn't playing - which evened things up nicely.
Martin, rusty by his own admission deliberately avoided his usual opening repetoire ! Always solid throughout, he thought he was winning a pawn, but just illusory and offered a draw which Tovey accepted. Simon faced a Sicilian 2.Bc4 line and always looked better to me. Got to a won endgame courtesy of winning a bishop.

Jeremy's position started off looking a little dodgy but after some sharp tactics found himself with a strong bishop pair and rooks on open files all applying pressure to whites Q side pawns, and one or more had to be lost. Carefully avoiding an opposite bishops ending, he ended up a pawn up with two central passed pawns being shepherded by a R + B combo  vs Srtephen Pride's R + N. His oponent elected adjudication on the night, but then resigned without resuming.

Iplayed a slow, positional opening. There was lots of tactical jousting until near time control when a few minor pieces came off. At the adjournment I was  training my Q and Rs on the open g-file and was better . Having also elected adjudication, I decided that the plus wasn't sufficient to get the win, and agreed a draw.

On board 4, Brian had looked good early on, but  sac'd a Bishop, and adjourned in an  endgame with two extra pawns but only has K vs K + B. On analysis it appeared lost, and as we had already won the match, Brian resigned to save the trip to Royston.
So, we start the season with a very encouraging close win.
Thanks to all who played.

Antony (original report edited by Jeremy)

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