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September events

Simultaneous exhibition 14th September 2010
Venkat 9 Watford 4
Venkat beat the following:
Chris Byrne
Iman Khandaker
Chris Russell
David Healey
Nick Blinko
Steve Smith
Simon Charles
Julie Rodriguez
Barry Morris
but lost against:
Mace Carnochan
Jerry Rudge
Mike Boyce
Andrew Stone 
OLD Puller Cup 12th September 2010
Watford retained this team trophy. 
Top Individual Scores counting towards the team result were  (out of 4):
Venkat 3.5 Iman 3, Jerry 3  Mike /  Ed 2.5
The AGM was held on 7th September 2010.
Perhaps it was not quite as exciting as the football or the 20-20, but even so, the turnout was disappointing. The club needs to find a new Secretary, as well as 3rd and 4th team captains.
On 8th September 2009  the club held its annual 10 minute Swiss Tournament.
It was won by Venkat, with Andrew coming second after a playoff with Jeremy for 2nd/3rd places. Thanks to Mike for organising a hectic evening's chess.
On 15th September Jerry Rudge played a  simultaneous against all-comers.
We had a good evening even though numbers were disappointing with only 8 opponents for Jerry  to play against. After an epic end game battle with Alex Kearns, which Jerry eventually lost,  he ended with the record of :
Our thanks to Jerry
On the 23rd September we held a book sale.
 the majority of the books had been left to us by ex-member George Davis in his will. Others were donated by Iman and Roger by Roger who was the co-author of one of them. The sale netted 95 which will go into the club's reserves.
On 23rd September, we also held an all-play-all (twice)  5 minute fun tournament
With 8 members participating 14 points were available, but no-one got to play everyone else, Venkat ended with 10 points, Roger Lancaster, with 8, but the surprise of the evening was Roger Kearns, who only scored 5, but managed to win one of his 2 games against everyone he played.

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